When a Start or Growth Requires More

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We work with companies in turning entrepreneurs’ ideas to successful sustainable international businesses.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

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Funding Rounds and Investments

CFO Support and Services

We invest in

Passionate and Devoted Teams

Innovative Solutions and Products

Companies with Internationalization as a Goal

Sustainable Focused Companies


StartMore Team is in an expansion phase. More information soon.


Peter Michelsson – Funding, Financing and Loans

+ 358 40 5151851

Olle Antell – CFO Services and Financing

+ 358 400 663664


Stefan Haglund – Impact and Investments

Jarmo Nieminen – DD and Valuation

Mikko Malhonen – Public Grants

Lauri Tuomaala – Public Grants

Joni Sairanen – Dept Instruments and International Investors (London based)

StartMore Oy (BI 3146215 -2)
Helsinki, Finland

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